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Tournament Summary

2016 PCHS - Tournament Summary
Pekin Insurance Holiday Tournament

Tournament Standings

Springfield Lanphier Lions401.00278 (69.5)184 (46.0)94 (23.5)45%60%52%
Normal West Wildcats31.750156 (39.0)181 (45.3)-25 (-6.3)34%61%50%
Pekin Dragons31.750196 (49.0)183 (45.8)13 (3.3)39%50%45%
Lake Zurich Bears31.750200 (50.0)173 (43.3)27 (6.8)42%64%52%
United Township Panthers31.750205 (51.3)160 (40.0)45 (11.3)42%53%47%
Moline Maroons22.500216 (54.0)215 (53.8)1 (0.3)43%59%51%
Chapaign Centennial Charger22.500191 (47.8)188 (47.0)3 (0.8)42%55%48%
Morton Potters22.500197 (49.3)209 (52.3)-12 (-3.0)40%59%49%
Limestone Rockets22.500226 (56.5)244 (61.0)-18 (-4.5)48%57%53%
Richwoods Knights22.500209 (52.3)189 (47.3)20 (5.0)42%61%52%
Washington Panthers22.500190 (47.5)185 (46.3)5 (1.3)41%66%52%
John Hersey Huskies13.250218 (54.5)238 (59.5)-20 (-5.0)49%63%56%
Peoria High Lions13.250218 (54.5)225 (56.3)-7 (-1.8)45%51%48%
Freeport Pretzels13.250172 (43.0)211 (52.8)-39 (-9.8)38%53%46%
Chicago Mount Carmel Caravan13.250200 (50.0)239 (59.8)-39 (-9.8)43%53%48%
Plainfield East Bengals04.000213 (53.3)261 (65.3)-48 (-12.0)32%56%43%

Individual Game HighsTeam Highs
Most Pts:28T Buchanan (United Township) Most Pts:79Springfield Lanphier (vs Limestone)
Most Fgm:10Multiple Players Most Fgm:30Springfield Lanphier (vs Moline)
Most Fga:30J Coffaro (John Hersey) Most Fga:73John Hersey (vs Peoria High)
Most 3pm:6Multiple Players Most 3pm:9Pekin (vs Richwoods)
Most 3pa:15J Coffaro (John Hersey) Most 3pa:28Lake Zurich (vs Normal West)
Most Ftm:9Multiple Players Most Ftm:23Chicago Mount Carmel (vs Plainfield East)
Most Fta:12B Williams (Limestone) Most Fta:30Freeport (vs Chicago Mount Carmel)
Best Fg%:100.0Multiple Players Best Fg%:58.8Pekin (vs Washington)
Best 3pt%:75.0R Kutsor (Lake Zurich) Best 3pt%:60.0Moline (vs Morton)
Best Ft%:100.0Multiple Players Best Ft%:89.4United Township (vs Chicago Mount Carmel)
Most Reb:16F Okoro (Normal West) Most Reb:53Limestone (vs Plainfield East)
Most Orb:6Multiple Players Most Orb:27John Hersey (vs Peoria High)
Most Drb:11F Okoro (Normal West) Most Drb:33Limestone (vs Plainfield East)
Most Ast:9C McGee (Springfield Lanphier) Most Ast:16Springfield Lanphier (vs Limestone)
Most Stl:6C McGee (Springfield Lanphier) Most Stl:18Springfield Lanphier (vs Normal West)
Most Blk:4Multiple Players Most Blk:7Plainfield East (vs Limestone)
Best Prod:33.0T Buchanan (United Township) Best Prod:99.0Springfield Lanphier (vs Normal West)

11/23/2017 Pekin Insurance Holiday Tournament
The 2017 Pekin Insurance Holiday Tournament...COMING SOON! December 27, 28, and 29!
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